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Welcome to Boat Windows

Boat Windows Limited is a thriving independent British company based in Wiltshire. For many years we have installed the S type windows, formerly manufactured by Worcester Marine Windows, in our own craft. With the retirement of the system’s inventor and owner we liked them so much we bought the business! Our team is completely hands-on: dedicated to the UK inland waterways market. We proudly manufacture the revolutionary S type clamp-in window system for narrowboats and barges, offering a complete system from windows to trims, finishes, accessories and spares.

The S Type Family of Windows

Others may imitate but this is the original patented clamp in window system with its discreet catches being completely flush to the window frame – no interior intrusions or projections. Installation is incredibly simple – no drills or screws necessary. Watch our video to see how easy to install our windows are!

The system has evolved into a family of windows – all available in a full range of finishes and colours. Portholes, fixed windows, door windows and cabin windows whether partial or fully opening are all made to order.

S Type The original clamp in window, fully removable glass, with easily removable secondary glazing available to match. Fixed pane or fully opening. Security inserts can readily be substituted for glass with a simple tool-free changeover process.

SX Type Hopper windows with a fixed lower pane – again removable if security inserts need to be substituted whilst the boat is laid up. 

SX Plus ™ Fully opening hopper windows offering as much, or as little, ventilation as you want – you can even remove the glass for complete ... Discrete catches ensure total security or maximum ventilation. Fully compatible with our unique secondary glazing system.

‘S’econdary™ Glazing  Why bother with double glazing units (which could well mist up as they age) when all that’s needed are our easy-to-fit secondary glazed panels with unique locking catches. Lightweight and easy to install leaving no cold surfaces for condensation.

‘S’ecurity™ blanks Uniquely our system allows for easy supply of sturdy aluminium panels that can replace glazing, without the need for any tools, top enhance the security of your boat when laid up.

Window Frames With our friends at MG Woodtech – a leading supplier of narrowboat window frames – we can offer matching interior window frames at competitive prices which are also easily installed/ removable and snugly complement our fantastic windows. Place an order with your windows to ensure that the whole system arrives at the same time!

Unique patented
locking catch and support
Unique secondary
glazing system
Easy clamp in operation
by one person
Quick exchange of glass
for security blanks
Individually decorated
panels to fit livery
Slim profile - no protrusions
for easy window dressing